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Il neige

I woke up this morning and saw this out  my window…

So I grabbed my camera to take some snaps on my way to work. It was chilly and it almost made me late, but it was fun!

I was all ready to be cranky this morning, but the snow and then the cute “good mornings” from the little Japanese kids dragged me out of my cranky state, as they almost always do, whether I like it or not. Damn them! They’re just so cute!

Today, I found a link to this site on my friend’s blog. It made me remember my deep, dark secret; I desperately want to be an artist. I have had this dream for a long time, but it seems to be one of those things that gets constantly pushed aside.  I’ve never had formal training, which shouldn’t matter, but I can’t help feeling that plenty of artists are privy to tricks and techniques that I’ve no idea about!

So my new-found goal of attending University to get a Bachelor of Education is now three-fold. Not only do I plan to be back near friends and family, but I’ll finally have a chance to take some art courses.


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