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Spring. The school year begins in April around here, so with the cherry blossoms always come farewells and new acquaintances.

My lovely third graders are all gone. I would like to think they’ll at least remember me fondly, but in all honesty I fully expect them to forget most of what they learned in Junior High. It would only be right, as they move on and live their lives. But then again, the Japanese seem to place an inordinate amount of importance on their school years. Seriously, they LOVE it. It would seem, if their pop culture is any reflection, that they spend a good deal of their lives after graduation waxing nostalgic about their uniform-sporting days and their pre-teen best friends. So maybe I’ll be more a part of their memoirs than I think.

Well, anyway, with those goodbyes also come new hellos. My JTE, the one I’ve worked with since the very beginning, the one who has been at my school for eight years, is now gone. The one other teacher who lived in my apartment building is gone as well. So now I have the whole building all to myself. I’m mostly happy about this, but surprisingly it does seem a bit “sabishii (lonely)”. I never thought I would say that, but I do sorta miss hearing her coming and going, even though I essentially never had anything to do with her, aside from the occasional “ohayo gozaimasu” and some awkward lines exchanged in the office kitchen about the weather or the deliciousness of the latest office snacks. Oh, human nature, how strange you are.

My new JTE seems like a sweetheart, though. She smiles easily, and she’s married to a JET. When I found this out, I immediately liked her and trusted her a whole lot more. I already feel more open with her than my other JTE. Not that I didn’t like my other JTE, but she was always kind of …distant. Professional, I guess, and I’m not sure she ever really “got” me, teenage as that sounds. When I discovered that this lady’s husband was foreign and a JET, I immediately rejoiced. I figured, she must hear all about the job from her husband, so she’ll surely not judge me if she glimpses my computer screen and sees me browsing Facebook! It also means her English is excellent, which is a nice bonus.

The rest of the new teachers all seem pretty good, too. All of the lovely blossoms and new beginnings make me wonder why I’m giving up this job with its sweet, sweet pay and its rewarding nature. Oh well, it’s too late now. And it still feels like the right thing to do. I think. Probably. Yes.

Speaking of cherry blossoms, my pals and I did some impromptu “hanami” today, minus alcohol, and ate pizza and read tarot cards under the trees. It was a good day. Not many left now…


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