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And it’s really expensive to get there.

 I’m in the process of booking a flight home for summer vacation…and I’m stressing big time. First, I have to get permission for the days off from my supervisor at the school, N-sensei. Then, I have to make sure there isn’t anything going on at the Board of Education, and get permission from my supervisor, K-san, there. The BOE supervisor is really busy, so he’s hard to get hold of. In the few days since I last checked my ticket, the price has already increased by 3 man (¥30, 000 or about $300). That’s a bloody lot. I panicked a bit when I read that, so I urged my JTE to contact him. Permission was granted but there is one more little glitch…the trip requires 14 days of paid leave and I currently only have 11. However, my new contract will come into effect at the end of July, at which time I should receive 10 more days of paid leave for next year. I’m not sure that either supervisor is aware of this. I had attempted to explain initially, but I’m not sure I got my point across.

 SO I’m just going to hope it works out. I don’t see why it should be a problem, since the new contract will come into effect just days after I leave, but you never know. Japanese bureaucracy can be funny sometimes, and I can’t always predict what Japanese people will think. Basically, I’m feeling very jittery and stressed at the moment. I’m having a hard time focusing on work just now. If you can call it work. I have had only one class today and I don’t even have Elective English next week, so I have virtually nothing to do.

 In the future, I’m going to make sure I book EVEN MORE in advance. Let this be a lesson to anyone else traveling overseas as well…BOOK EARLY!!


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Preparation for Japan is not only physical, such as making endless lists and constantly re-evaluating your wardrobe choices, but it’s also psychological.  I ask myself questions like, how will I deal with culture shock?  What will it be like driving on the other side of the road?  Just how hot does it get? But perhaps most importantly, what am I going to do when I run into one of these babies in my apartment?!?!

According to some Japanese folklore, these creatures spilled out of hell itself when the earth split apart during the great Kanto earthquake and if you don’t burn them, one of their fellows will come for you seeking vengeance.  Although apparently the owner of this hand does not seem to concerned.


Yikes, Japan.  Seriously, Yikes.

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