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Proud to be Canadian

I know that it’s totally lame, but I had to do it. In case you were wondering – yes, it IS very poorly sewn.

Canada flag patch I sewed onto my purse/mini-backpack.

Also, a photo of all the omiyage/Canada paraphernalia I have thus far collected

Isn’t that exciting?! To those of you who don’t know, I will try to explain what ‘omiyage‘ is, to the best of my knowledge. They are small gifts, typically souvenir gifts, that you give to friends and coworkers as a gesture of appreciation or thoughtfulness if you have been away or, in my case, if you are coming into a new place. Particularly for a JET, these gifts can be an important gesture to show appreciation for the work certain people have put into arranging for your stay in Japan. Nicer gifts are generally reserved for those higher up in the ranks, such as principals and supervisors. The gifts I give in Japan may not strictly be omiyage, but they are something like it.

I keep hoping that I’m done sending things to JET, but it seems there is always something else. I need to get my Certificate of Health redone, for example, because my physician left something blank instead of indicating “no, she doesn’t have any of these problems.” Bureaucracy can be frustrating at times. I shall likely continue to stress out until I have been in my home prefecture for at least a week.

In happier news, the first panel comic thingie will be ready soon – that is to say, Kimchi has sent me a script and I need only get my butt in gear and draw the strip.  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat!


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